Scientific & Technologic Computing

We apply information and communication technologies to e-administration and business management projects for Canary public institutions to speed up procedures, improve public services, facilitate citizens’ access to the administration and optimize public agent management. We provide the technological support required by ITC R+D+i deptartments to develop their projects.

We develop software and digital tools aimed at the scope of energy and water resources (solar and wind maps, design of weather forecast systems, installation management, production data, etc.); and biocomputing (management and coding of genetic information of a large volume of species).

We boost the use of virtual and augmented reality technology in R+D projects.

We develop interactive tools, likewise gamification technologies for educational and divulgative purposes regarding scientific knowledge and resources.

We drive the use of ICTs in strategic Canary sectors like tourism and agriculture. We develop software products in the Canaries.

Scientific & Technologic Computing Department Presentation


  • 2007

    Development of Electronic Administration Tools in Canarian public administrations

    Development of tools enabling optimum relation between public administrations and citizens is essential in a society with elevated access to technology and information, whereby areas of action such as e-headquarters, e-registry, e-archive of documents, computer management of dossiers and subsidies, etc., have ITC as their creative and management support.

    Development of Electronic Admi
  • 2008

    Software development in energy meteorology fields (forecast) and Climate Change study

    Computation offers solutions for the development of other areas due to their capacity to perform simulations likewise to obtain specific results from processed information. Specific studies on weather forecast systems enabling us to bring forward renewable energy productions and common platforms for different regions to co-ordinate climate change effects; therefore, computation is their tool.

    Software development in energy
  • 2010

    Development of software and applications for species genetic coding (and other bio-computer study sectors)

    At the invitation of Jardín Canario Viera and Clavijo of Gran Canaria Council, ITC has taken part in the DEMIURGO project, which proposes systematic conservation of the entire population genetic information associated with endemic elements of the Canaries, Madeira and Azores islands through tools such as an international web of population-genetic data matrices, relationship with other databases and enrichment of existing data in local DNA banks.

    Development of software and ap
  • 2011

    Canaries Solar Map

    Canaries Solar Map, high resolution solar resources, detailed information from Archipelago radiometric stations and study of satellit images, likewise simulations obtained through weather forecast methods (MM5)

    Canaries Solar Map
  • 2013

    Climatique Project

    Start-up of the Canaries-Souss Massa Drâa climate change observatory to study the effects on natural resources and future climate scenarios (CLIMATIQUE)

    Climatique Project
  • 2016

    Development of virtual reality (VR) applications

    Development of virtual reality applications to contribute to the knowledge and exploration of the Canary Botanical Garden – Interactive flights of garden areas, 360º panoramic routes, interactive virtual 3D photographic gallery.

    Development of virtual reality