Institutional Services and Metrology

We manage the Official Metrology Laboratory of the Indsutry Directorate General performing quality controls of automotive fuels and testing of electricity and water meters.

We provide the Canary Government with support in managing public funding and subsidy calls, likewise awareness initiatives and promotion of rational energy use, promote electrical vehicles and sustainable mobility among others. Furthermore, we foster entrepreneurial initiatives and projects on Circular Economy.

Institutional Services and Metrology Department Presentation


  • 1997

    Procasol: Promotion of solar thermal systems in Canary Islands

    Through Government of the Canary Islands, and with ITC as program manager, solar thermal systems promotion program PROCASOL allowed more than 25.000 m2 of solar thermal surface as well as almost 7 M€ subsidy.

    Procasol: Promotion of solar t
  • 1999

    Management of the Official Metrology and Fuel Analysis laboratories of the Canary Islands Government

    Canary Islands Government entrusted the ITC with the management and development of metrology control actions as well as fuels analysis.

    Management of the Official Met
  • 2005

    Management of the Canary Energy Saving & Efficiency Plan

    Courses on Energy Labelling; Municipal Energy Agents; Efficient Driving & Energy Certification; Energy Savings & Efficiency outreach campaigns; and outreach of the Canary Energy Savings & Efficiency Guide.

    Management of the Canary Energ
  • 2008

    Dissemination and training in energy saving and efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable mobility

    The dissemination and training in energy saving and efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable mobility were undertaken from projects such as ESENUR, creating new instruments and studies for energy management such as the Energy Saving and Efficiency Guide, the Local Planning Guide in Municipalities, ... as well as the celebration of the I Solar School Olympiad, among other activities.

    Dissemination and training in
  • 2009

    Official Laboratory of Metrology and Analysis of Fuels of the Canary Islands Government

    Canary Islands Government has entrusted ITC the management and development of control actions in Metrology Area, as well as in fuel analysis

    Official Laboratory of Metrolo
  • 2013

    Management & Dynamisation of the Canary Low Carbon Transport Promotion Platform

    Organisation of Platform meetings and interactive Sessions to develop the Canary electric vehicle promotion strategy. Organisation of: ExpoVEA2016 Gran Canaria, ExpoVEA2017 Santa Cruz de Tenerife and tourVEACanarias2018 – caravan in favour of electric mobility which travelled the islands of Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, La Gomera and El Hierro.

    Management & Dynamisation of t