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Pursuant to Law 34/2002, of 11th July, on Information Society and E-Commerce Services, the data identifying the owner of the Web Portal you are surfing are:

  • VAT: A35313170 
  • C/ Cebrián, nº 3, 35003, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 
  • Recorded in Las Palmas Companies Register, on page 34, volume 924 General, sheet number G.C. 4588 and 1st registration.



INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) is the owner with the corresponding licence regarding the Web industrial and intellectual property operating rights.

All Web contents including: graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs, etc., appearing on the Web, unless otherwise indicated are the exclusive property of INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC).

Under no circumstances shall it be understood that User access and surfing implies: waiver, transmission, licence or total or partial cession of said rights INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC), regarding any other right related to its Web and services offered therein. Furthermore, it is forbidden to: modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly inform, produce secondary subsequent publications, upload files, post, transmit, use, process or distribute in anyway the entire or partial contents included in the Web for commercial or public purposes without the express written authorisation of INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) or, where appropriate, owner of the corresponding rights.

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The User undertakes not to hinder access for other Users to the access service via massive consumption of computer resources via which the Web owner renders the service, nor to exercise any actions which damage, interrupt or generate errors in said systems.

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The User is responsible for the safe custody and confidentiality of any identifiers and/or passwords supplied by the Web, and undertakes not to cede their use to third parties albeit temporarily or permanently, or to allow unauthorised personnel access.

The User is liable for any illegal use of the services by any illegitimate third party using a password to cause non-diligent use or loss thereof by the User.

By virtue of the foregoing, the User undertakes to immediately notify the Web managers of any event which allows misuse of the identifiers and/or passwords, such as theft, loss or unauthorised access to the same, to enable their immediate cancellation.

Unless notified of such events, INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) will be exempt from any liability which might derive from the misuse of identifiers or passwords by unauthorised third parties.



INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) waives all liability which might derive from: interferences, computer viruses, telephone breakdowns or disconnections of the electronic operating system due to events unrelated to the Web owner.

Likewise, INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) also waives any liability which might derive due to delays or blockages in the functioning of this electronic operating system due to: deficiencies or overload of the telephone lines or Internet, likewise any damage caused by third parties via illegal interferences beyond the control of INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC).

INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) is empowered to temporarily suspend Web access without prior warning for: maintenance, repair, updating or improvement operations.



INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC), does not guarantee: the legality, reliability, utility, veracity or accuracy of the services or information provided by the third parties via the Web.

The User is exclusively liable for any infringements which might occur or damages caused due to Web misuse, with INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC), their partners, group companies, collaborators, employees and representatives being exonerated from any liability whatsoever which might derive from the User’s actions.

INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) shall employ all reasonable effort and means to facilitate up-to-date verifiable information on the Web; nevertheless, the Web owner does not guarantee: non-existence of errors or possible inaccuracies and/or omissions in contents published by third parties and accessible via this Web.

The User is exclusively liable before any: claim or legal action, in or out of court lodged by third parties against the Web owner based on the User’s misuse of the Web. Where appropriate, the User shall assume as many expenses, costs and compensations as demanded by  INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) due to such claims or legal actions.



This Legal Disclaimer shall be governed and interpreted pursuant to Spanish legislation.

INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CANARIAS, S.A. (ITC) and the User, expressly waiver any jurisdiction which might correspond to them and subject themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas (Spain), unless applicable regulations where appropriate prevent the parties from subjecting themselves to a specific jurisdiction.