First spin-off from the transfer of ITC generated scientific and technological knowledge for the development of bone reconstruction implants for humans and veterinary science.


Desalination plant operated exclusively with photovoltaic solar energy providing drinking water without interruption since 2006 for this rural settlement in the Sahara desert. The installation, designed and executed by ITC is the longest operating in Africa and is based on autonomous desalination technology developed by ITC, called DESSOL®, and has an international patent.


First public-private participated company from the transfer of ITC generated scientific and technological knowledge transfer in the biotechnology field.


An initiative awarded the Special Aquae Islas 2014 Innova Award in acknowledgement of their contribution to improving the environment in rural areas of Africa financed by POCTEFEX


The Blue Biotechnology and Aquaculture Platform groups’ scientific knowledge and experimental research infrastructures in Gran Canaria to drive the development of industry linked to marine biotechnology. The initiative promoted by the Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society in collaboration with ITC and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, through the Spanish Algae Bank and University Institute ECOAQUA.

Gorona del Viento. El Hierro

Public-Private consortium responsible for managing the hydro-wind plant on El Hierro island, the first 100% renewable system for self-energy supply of an island. The project participated and developed with specialised advice from ITC, is able to cover a high energy demand of its population.