Internal Contracting Instructions

ITC Board of Directors approved this contract revision of internal contracting instructions on 23rd March 2018 to satisfy within the 4 months foreseen under the 5th Transitory Disposition of the LCSP with adaptation of the same to the new legal framework of Law 9/2017 of 8th November regarding Public Sector Contracts, thereby transposing the European Parliament and Council Directives 2014/23/EU and 2014/24/EU of 26th February 2014 on Spanish legislation which completely revokes the previous TRLCSP.

Not only has this revision of internal contracting instructions been published on the ITC web but also the Public Sector Contracting Platform web to make it available to all parties interested in the ITC awarding procedures.

Access and download the document here.


State Contracting Platform

Active tenders may be presented to the Canary Islands Institute of Technology, those companies which pursuant to that set forth in articles 65 and successive of the LCSP meet economic solvency, financial, technical or professional requisites in addition to holding entrepreneurial or professional authorisation, demandable where appropriate to carry out or render the activity object of the contract

The ‘companies/entrepreneurs’, ‘tendering individuals/tenderers’ must be individuals or corporate bodies whose purpose or activity is directly related to the contract object as might be deduced from their respective business articles or foundational rules, and have an organisation with sufficient personal and material elements for due contract execution; and who after the awarding shall be called regardless ‘the awardee’ (individual or corporate body); and after contract formalisation ‘the contractor’ (individual or corporate body).

Access the ITC Contracting Profile under the State Contracting Platform via the following link.




You can filter Contract Type, Status or Procedure Type under Tenders and minor Contracts to obtain the precise information required.


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0501,0503/2020 - Obras

Obra de instalación eléctrica de baja tensión, para adaptación de nuevas cargas de bombeo de agua de mar, desalada y salmuera, en las instalaciones de ITC en Pozo Izquierdo, en el marco de los proyectos: BIOSOST-EPI, cofinanciado en un 85% por FEDER; y EERES4WATER, cofinanciado al 75% por FEDER – PROGRAMA INTERREG ATLANTIC AREA



Update Date: December 31th, 2019.
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