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  • 1992

    ITC Setup

    Start-up of the construction of the first ITC HQ in Gran Canaria

    ITC Setup
  • 1995

    Participation in European networks of business innovation, technology transfer and internationalization of R&D&i: European Network of Innovation Relay Centers (IRCs)

    ITC was part, from september 1995 to march 2000, of the European Network of Innovation Relay Centers (IRCs). This network allowed the provision of assistencial support to companies in technological aspects, R+D+i Financiation or in technology protection.

    Participation in European netw
  • 1996

    Autonomous desalination using Wind Energy - SDAWES

    First European Project on ITC installations to demonstrate autonomous desalination with Wind Energy at medium scale (SDAWES)

    Autonomous desalination using
  • 1996

    Mauritania: installation of 4 desalination plants in the Banc d'Arguin National Park

    This project allowed the start-up of four desalination plants in Banc d'Arguin National Park (Mauritane), for which the local population was involved through training in management, operation and manteinance of water production

    Mauritania: installation of 4
  • 1996

    First business incubators created in Canary Islands (UPE network)

    The Network of Business Promotion Units, UPE Network, created by ITC, has allowed viable technology-based companies to be in centers equipped with the infrastructure, equipment and services to incubate and consolidate innovative entrepreneurial initiatives.

    First business incubators crea
  • 1997

    CIEA Inauguration

    Inauguration of the Energy & Water Research Centre (CIEA) in Pozo Izquierdo

    CIEA Inauguration
  • 1997

    Procasol: Promotion of solar thermal systems in Canary Islands

    Through Government of the Canary Islands, and with ITC as program manager, solar thermal systems promotion program PROCASOL allowed more than 25.000 m2 of solar thermal surface as well as almost 7 M€ subsidy.

    Procasol: Promotion of solar t
  • 1997

    First desalination plants operated exclusively with renewable energy

    From the beginning of research activity, water desalination with renewable energy became one of the main researching themes in water field. ITC is an international benchmark in this field, with more than 15 tested systems.

    First desalination plants oper
  • 1997

    First Wind Turbine designed and manufactured in Canary Islands

    First design and manufacture of a synchronous wind turbine at ITC with 20 kW power for coupling to a 20kW diesel turbine with flywheel, in the EODIESEL project

    First Wind Turbine designed an
  • 1998


    Canary Renewable energy company creation and training programme (ADAPT-Renewable)

  • 1998

    Punta Jandía: First wind-diesel electricity plant for isolated areas

    WIND-DIESEL system Punta Jandia project designed to meet the electric and water energy needs of Puertito de la Cruz (Punta Jandía - Fuerteventura).

    Punta Jandía: First wind-dies
  • 1999

    First semi-industrial experimental microalgae cultivation plant in Spain

    Suitability of the conditions of Pozo Izquierdo facilities favored the location of first industrial microalgae cultivation and processing plant in Spain, and one of the first and largest in Europe, for large-scale production for collaborative nutraceutical and food purposes with private companies.

    First semi-industrial experime
  • 1999

    Wind-Hydro Pumped Storage Power Plant in El Hierro: First system in the world for an island electricity supply

    Development of the Gorona del Viento wind-hydro power plant project in El Hierro (Canary Isles). Co-financed by the European Commission General Directorate of Energy and Transport under the European Initiative ‘100% renewable Communities’, the main project action consisted in designing, building and launching a wind-hydro power plant capable of covering approx. 80% of El Hierro island electricity demand.

    Wind-Hydro Pumped Storage Powe
  • 1999

    First domestic solar plants connected to electricity grid in Canary Islands

    First photovoltaic systems connected to electricity grid in Canary Islands was performed in main headquarters ITC (Cebrian). Even today, they continue to pour renewable electricity to main grid.

    First domestic solar plants co
  • 2000

    Waste Water Purification

    First low energy cost natural waste water treatment systems integrated in Canary natural spaces

    Waste Water Purification
  • 2002

    Co-operation with Mauritania

    Co-operation with Mauritania in creation of a renewable energies, cold and desalination training centre (CRAER) at Nouakchott University

    Co-operation with Mauritania
  • 2002

    Fruit and vegetable pesticide waste analysis service

    Response to the specific demand of the Canary fruit and vegetable sector, likewise administrations competent in the matter propitiates the launching of analysis of pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables.

    Fruit and vegetable pesticide
  • 2002

    Hydrogen Production with Renewable Energies

    First hydrogen production system using renewable energies. First isolated micro network in Spain with H2 energy storage (RES2H2 project)

    Hydrogen Production with Renew
  • 2002

    Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative knowledge-based companies: Accreditation as EU center | BIC Canarias of the European EBN Network

    ITC is integrated, as a full member, in the European Commission Network EUROPEAN BUSINESS AND INNOVATION CENTERS NETWORK (EBN) since this year. EBN is a scientific and technical association based in the city of Brussels, which brings together more than 200 partners, and which have among other links, the purpose of being centers of creation and support for innovative and technology-based companies in the EU.

    Support for the creation and c
  • 2003

    Bathing and coast waters quality monitoring

    ITC has carried out actions aimed to bathing and coast waters quality monitoring and analysis, both in Canary Islands and in other European coastal regions and has participated in the development of specific regulations in this field at regional level and international too.

    Bathing and coast waters quali
  • 2004

    First exploitation of biomedical patents

    First commercial exploitation of generated patents by the Department, such as the HUMIC plate designed to fix hip osteotomies in children and adolescents

    First exploitation of biomedic
  • 2004

    LABSOL: First Spanish ENAC accredited laboratory for testing solar thermal collectors

    Accredited by ENAC, the LABSOL facilities, located in Pozo Izquierdo, have carried out certification tests on solar thermal collectors since its commissioning, taking advantage of the excellent conditions that site offers for the different collectors tests

    LABSOL: First Spanish ENAC acc
  • 2005

    CADCAM Laboratory: first prosthetic prototypes

    ITC has been rendering several advanced design and manufacture technological services to companies in the mechanical sector since 2005 (CADCAM - Computer Aided Design Computer Aided Manufacturing). Services rendered to foreign companies centred essentially on the medical sector whereas local services have provided support for companies in various sectors involved in innovative projects.

    CADCAM Laboratory: first prost
  • 2005

    First Canary solar cooling system

    First Canary solar cooling system (integration of absorption machine with solar thermal energy). ERAMAC I

    First Canary solar cooling sys
  • 2006

    First autonomous desalination plant with Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Africa

    Uninterrupted supply of drinking water to Ksar Guilène (Tunisia) via DESSOL desalination system. First autonomous desalination plant with Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Africa to supply a town with Water.

    First autonomous desalination
  • 2006

    Development of the Canaries Avanza Plan – Broadband development and improvement of digital competences for citizens, companies and administrations

    ITC provides support for the ACIISI Action Programme on Telecommunication and Information Society to promote Broadband development in the Canaries. This action includes monitorization of Broadband evolution
    Development of the Canaries Av
  • 2006

    First biodiesel production plant installed in the Canary Islands

    Making use of used vegetable oils to produce biodiesel fostered the design and installation of the first Canary biodiesel production plant to produce optimum quality biodiesel.

    First biodiesel production pla
  • 2007

    CIDE Network

    Start-up of the Canary Network of Entrepreneurial Development and Innovation Centres (CIDE Network).

    CIDE Network
  • 2007

    Development of Electronic Administration Tools in Canarian public administrations

    Development of tools enabling optimum relation between public administrations and citizens is essential in a society with elevated access to technology and information, whereby areas of action such as e-headquarters, e-registry, e-archive of documents, computer management of dossiers and subsidies, etc., have ITC as their creative and management support.

    Development of Electronic Admi
  • 2007

    Instrumental body of the Canary Islands Government for the drafting and implementation of regional innovation and industrial policies

    ITC has participated in projects and assignments such as: Canary Islands Strategic Innovation Plan (PEINCA), Canary Islands Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3 Canarias), Canary Islands Industrial Development Strategy (EDIC 2009-2020), R&D&i Observatory of the Canary Islands (OBIDIC), Canary Islands Industrial Observatory (OIC), Support for the dissemination of R&D&iI: Weeks of Science and Innovation in the Canary Islands and the program "Approach Science and Innovation", Operator DEMOLA: Open innovation model between the University and the Company.

    Instrumental body of the Canar
  • 2008

    Enterprise Europe Network

    Launching of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and EEN-Canaries regional node.

    Enterprise Europe Network
  • 2008

    Software development in energy meteorology fields (forecast) and Climate Change study

    Computation offers solutions for the development of other areas due to their capacity to perform simulations likewise to obtain specific results from processed information. Specific studies on weather forecast systems enabling us to bring forward renewable energy productions and common platforms for different regions to co-ordinate climate change effects; therefore, computation is their tool.

    Software development in energy
  • 2008

    Digital TV Expansion Network deployment and exploitation

    The main area of execution of this action where ITC provides support for ACIISI, is maintenance and management of the DTV expansion network, seeking to complement the reception obligations of TV channels, insufficient to equalise digital reception with analogical.

    Digital TV Expansion Network d
  • 2008

    Dissemination and training in energy saving and efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable mobility

    The dissemination and training in energy saving and efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable mobility were undertaken from projects such as ESENUR, creating new instruments and studies for energy management such as the Energy Saving and Efficiency Guide, the Local Planning Guide in Municipalities, ... as well as the celebration of the I Solar School Olympiad, among other activities.

    Dissemination and training in
  • 2009

    Biomechatronics Laboratory – development of new devices and processes for tissue regeneration. Manufacture of first nanofibres in the Canaries

    The development of new device and processes for tissue regeneration has converted the Canaries into a pioner regarding these regenerative medical applications for the reconstruction of bone, nerve, cartilage and vascular tissues.

    The biomechatronics laboratory develops advanced cell culture tools for both 3D support and cellular adhesion (scaffolds); and the improvement, automation and control of culture conditions (bio-reactor).

    Biomechatronics Laboratory –
  • 2009

    Official Laboratory of Metrology and Analysis of Fuels of the Canary Islands Government

    Canary Islands Government has entrusted ITC the management and development of control actions in Metrology Area, as well as in fuel analysis

    Official Laboratory of Metrolo
  • 2010

    First Canary 3D electron beam printer (titanium): manufacture of first porous structure prototypes

    Acquisition of the first 3D electron beam printer over Titanium, enabling development of new implantable devices and specific instruments for orthopaedic surgery in both human and veterinary orthopaedic clinics.

    First Canary 3D electron beam
  • 2010

    Development of software and applications for species genetic coding (and other bio-computer study sectors)

    At the invitation of Jardín Canario Viera and Clavijo of Gran Canaria Council, ITC has taken part in the DEMIURGO project, which proposes systematic conservation of the entire population genetic information associated with endemic elements of the Canaries, Madeira and Azores islands through tools such as an international web of population-genetic data matrices, relationship with other databases and enrichment of existing data in local DNA banks.

    Development of software and ap
  • 2010

    La Graciosa Sustainable

    Launching of La Graciosa 100% Sustainable project

    La Graciosa Sustainable
  • 2010

    Support for the creation and consolidation of innovative knowledge-based companies: Integration into the National Association of European Business and Innovation Centers (ANCES)

    ITC is integrated since 2010 as a full member in this association that pursues the agglutination of interests, working methods and interconnection between innovation and entrepreneurship nodes. As in the European EBN Network, the presence of ITC in ANCES allows the exchange with national experiences in the field of innovation.

    Support for the creation and c
  • 2010

    Canary Radio electric Spectrum Monitorization Network deployment and exploitation

    The main execution area of this line is focused on the Canary radio electric spectrum status and monitorization, with special monitorization of DTV, FM and mobile telephony services. In this area ITC has been providing ACIISI with technical support since 2010

    Canary Radio electric Spectrum
  • 2010

    Venturi: device to minimize the impact of the discharge of desalination brines into the sea

    Raised as the technical feasibility study of Venturi diffusers for the improvement of the dilution process in brine discharges from desalination plants, the Venturi project allowed to evaluate the profitability and effectiveness of these devices in such discharges.

    Venturi: device to minimize th
  • 2011

    Cape Verde: rural electrification with small grids

    Wind/solar/diesel-based microgrid with the ability to connect to main electrical grid, developed by Canary Islands companies and ITC, in a village located on the island of Santiago, about 10 kilometers northeast of Praia, with a population of about 650 inhabitants located in 101 buildings: Vale da Custa.

    Cape Verde: rural electrificat
  • 2011

    ENAC Accreditation of Phytosanitary Waste Laboratory

    ENAC Accreditation of Canary Phytosanitary Waste Laboratory.

    ENAC Accreditation of Phytosan
  • 2012

    First custom implants performed in humans in Canarian hospitals

    Maxillofacial reconstruction in patients, in collaboration with the Canary University Hospital (HUC)

    First custom implants performe
  • 2012

    Incubation of the first Canary microalgae culture company: Algalimento

    The ITC's extensive experience in biotechnology, together with the contribution of private capital, allowed the creation of the first microalgae cultivation company in the Canary Islands for the food sector, and with the objective of obtaining food made from producing microalgae of carotenes and Omega-3 fatty acids

    Incubation of the first Canary
  • 2012

    Launching of the first mass product for veterinary surgery

    Development of bone operation technique for the treatment of cranial cruciate ligament tears in dogs from the fixation of the tibial bone fragment


    Launching of the first mass pr
  • 2013

    First customised bone implants in Spain

    Due to the homologation ITC obtained to manufacture customised implants for humans, a new hospital service has been developed to improve prosthesis typology and provide a response to tumoral recessions. This customised prosthesis design and manufacture is pioneering in Spain with very few analogies in Europe.

    First customised bone implants
  • 2014

    First custom implants abroad: Italy, Argentina and Colombia

    One year after starting implant manufacturing activity with a domestic destination, ITC began exporting designs and implants abroad, expanding international destinations.

    First custom implants abroad:
  • 2016

    Creation of Algae Biotechnology Excellence Platform (PEBA)

    The creation of the Algae Biotechnology Platform of Excellence, with ITC, Cabildo de Gran Canaria and University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is a boost for the development of the blue economy and Biotechnology sector.

    Creation of Algae Biotechnolog
  • 2016


    Creation of first incubator for Biotechnology companies in the Canaries (UPE-BIO)

  • 2017

    15 years serving the primary sector in the Canary Islands and promoving food security

    Multiple projects related to the study of the environmental behavior of pesticides used in Canarian intensive agriculture (DIPLAVID, TOMAPLAG, RURALPEST, PERVEMAC I and II), have been shaping the activity of the Department from its beginning to the presents days.

    15 years serving the primary s
  • 2017

    Drone operator registration for research and instrumental recognition activities

    Recent registration as drone operator for research and development activities, likewise instrumental control places ITC at autonomic avant-garde level in the use of drones for scientific purposes.

    Drone operator registration fo
  • 2018

    Creation of BIOASIS

    Creation of BIOASIS Gran Canaria brand: Blue Biotechnology & Aquaculture Excellence Platform

    Creation of BIOASIS
  • 2018

    Creation of the Spin-off Osteobionix

    Creation of the spin-off Osteobionix based on scientific and technological knowledge in biomedical engineering

    Creation of the Spin-off Osteo

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