Information Society

We provide technical advisory services for companies on electronic prototype design and development on demand, likewise analysis and monitorization of technical parameters associated with research projects and institutional programmes with drones.

We promote awareness, outreach and training actions aimed at good use of ICTs by young people and their tutors.

Finally we provide the Canary Government and local corporations with technical support in the definition and implementation of strategies to develop telecommunications and information society in areas such as deployment of broadband, digital TV and radio, control and vigilance of the radio electric spectrum or ICT indicator evolution and follow-up.

Information Society Department Presentation


  • 2006

    Development of the Canaries Avanza Plan – Broadband development and improvement of digital competences for citizens, companies and administrations

    ITC provides support for the ACIISI Action Programme on Telecommunication and Information Society to promote Broadband development in the Canaries. This action includes monitorization of Broadband evolution
    Development of the Canaries Av
  • 2008

    Digital TV Expansion Network deployment and exploitation

    The main area of execution of this action where ITC provides support for ACIISI, is maintenance and management of the DTV expansion network, seeking to complement the reception obligations of TV channels, insufficient to equalise digital reception with analogical.

    Digital TV Expansion Network d
  • 2010

    Canary Radio electric Spectrum Monitorization Network deployment and exploitation

    The main execution area of this line is focused on the Canary radio electric spectrum status and monitorization, with special monitorization of DTV, FM and mobile telephony services. In this area ITC has been providing ACIISI with technical support since 2010

    Canary Radio electric Spectrum
  • 2016

    Promotion of responsible use of technologies among young people

    Provision of audiovisual training courses to encourage a ICTs responsible use among young people under CODECAN program covering.


  • 2017

    Drone operator registration for research and instrumental recognition activities

    Recent registration as drone operator for research and development activities, likewise instrumental control places ITC at autonomic avant-garde level in the use of drones for scientific purposes.

    Drone operator registration fo