PLANCLIMAC is a cooperation project between the archipelagos of Canary Islands, Madeira, Azores and Cape Verde whose main objective is to search for solutions for adaptation to climate change. For this, it is necessary to use the scientific knowledge of the Macaronesian region and create solutions that allow anticipating and knowing better the phenomena produced by changes in the climate.

The initiative arises from the need to create an entity that produces information on the different climatic scenarios and their incidence on the alteration of our ecosystems and territories, in a way that allows us to generate dynamic action plans according to constant changes that the planet is experiencing and with a character of durability over time.

Under the title “Joint planning, monitoring and observation, improvement of knowledge and awareness of risks and threats of climate change in Macaronesia”, PLANCLIMAC project will help to know the evolution of the climate in advance, as well as the continuous monitoring of resources natural and territorial through diagnostic processes that will have a direct impact on the population.

PLANCLIMAC proposes the constitution of the Macaronesia Climate Change Observatory and establish relationships with entities with similar purposes. It also raises these other actions:

  • Creation of a database, of public access, with all information of MAC Region related to studies, scientific and informative resources on climate change.
  • Study of climate change effects on desertification.
  • WRF model configuration in each of regions of interest.
  • Start up of an observation network and oceanographic campaigns to determine values ​​and variables in physical-chemical indicators and their impacts on organisms and their ecosystems.
  • Analysis of recent changes in coastline and its environmental consequences.

The project (with code MAC2/3.5b/244) is co-financed by the Interreg MAC 2014-2020 Cooperation Program, within Axis 3 "Promoting adaptation to climate change and risk prevention and management".

PLANCLIMAC is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the following being of special interest:

  • Viceconsejería de Lucha Contra el Cambio Climático del Gobierno de Canarias. Canarias. España.
  • Direção Regional do Ambiente – Governo dos Açores. Azores. Portugal.
  • Secretaria Regional de Ambiente, Recursos Natuaris e Alterações Climáticas. Madeira. Portugal.
  • Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Canarias. España.
  • Universidad de La Laguna (ULL). Canarias. España.
  • Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables, S.A. (ITER). Canarias. España.
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias, S.A. (ITC). Canarias. España.
  • Gestión y Planeamiento Territorial y Medioambiental, S.A. (GESPLAN). Canarias. España
  • Ministério da Agricultura e Ambiente – Governo de Cabo Verde. Cabo Verde.

Presupuesto aprobado: 1.815.199 €

Financiación a través del Programa INTERREG MAC 2014-2020, Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional-FEDER (85%): 1.542.919 €

November 2019 – October 2022 (36 months)

Main Objective:

Take advantage of scientific knowledge and technological capacity of MAC Region to provide tools that facilitate the application of adaptation policies and preparation for the natural risks inherent in climate change.

Specific objectives:

  1. Creation of an independent entity called "Macaronesia Climate Change Observatory" that allows to adopt corrective and preventive measures and provide management tools for natural risks caused by climate change in Macaronesian region.
  2. Improving knowledge of climate change, physical-chemical, biological and anthropic indicators that alert us to adverse natural phenomena.
  3. Sensitize population and socio-economic agents of MAC Region to the risks associated with climate change, through a training program, an exchange of experiences and with application of an adaptation plan to climate change.