The Business Development & Innovation Centre Network (Red CIDE) comprises a group of bodies working in co-ordination to foster business development and innovation in Canary companies.

The CIDE Network orients Canary companies free of charge wishing to innovate and become modern, agile, competitive companies on the market. The aim our Network is to act as support for companies who have difficulties to do R+D+i by themselves; so we inform them of the tools and capacities extant in the Canaries to increase competitiveness via innovation and the rational use of new technologies.

Each organization has a technician in charge of providing the Network's services to local companies. To this end, each network member receives support from the rest of the CIDE and also from ITC as the project coordinating entity.

Moreover, the Red CIDE is the entry point where the companies can access the Canary R+D+i agents’ offer (University Research Groups, OPIs, R+D bodies, etc.). This acts as a link between both areas (production and technological sectors) fostering co-operation among them, detecting business demands and ensuring adaptation of the technological offer to the needs of Canary companies.

Canarian Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society (ACIISI) Funds - 162.840,00 €


Main objective:

The aim of the CIDE NETWORK is to propitiate improvement of the Canary SMEs via an increase in their R+D+i activities, chiefly via the use of knowledge and technology developed in the region. The aim is for the offer generators to have more knowledge about company demands via CIDE Network, thus orienting their developments towards the real needs of the same and society in general.

Specific objectives:

  • Boost innovation in companies in the Canaries Autonomous Community to improve the activities they undertake, increase their competitiveness and generate employment.
  • Foster research, technological development and innovation in the Canaries Autonomous Community, for the benefit of society in general.
  • Stimulate co-operation in research, technological development and innovation among companies, universities, public research bodies, technological centres and Administrations preferably those in the Canaries Autonomous Community.
  • Introduce innovation culture in the production sectors and Canary society in general.