PERVEMAC2 is a Research & Development Co-operation Project in the Agriculture and Food Safety sector, which studies the incidence of pesticide waste, micro-toxins and heavy metals in vegetable products, and consumer health within Macaronesia. Said project comes under the First Call of the INTERREG VA Spain-Portugal MAC 2014-2020 Territorial Co-operation Programme funded by FEDER.

PERVEMAC2 is doing a risk assessment study of ingesting silent hazardous adverse compounds which might be present in vegetables eaten daily in the region, identifying those hazards with a greater risk contribution as a whole. This project prepares strategies aimed at minimising these dangers in short, medium and long-term. These strategies are aimed at 2 sectors, on the one hand, food production via sustainable agriculture with training tasks for farmers; and on the other, consumers with information and training actions to foster a healthy diet based on consuming more fruit and vegetables, aimed at the younger members of the population to train future more demanding consumers regarding healthy food and sustainable agriculture.

  • Gestión del Medio Rural de Canarias, SAU (GMR Canarias). Canarias. España.
  • Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias, S.A. (ITC). Canarias. España
  • Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Canarias. España
  • Universidad de La Laguna (ULL). Canarias. España
  • Dirección General de Salud Pública del Gobierno de Canarias (DGSP). Canarias. España
  • Dirección General de Agricultura del Gobierno de Canarias (DGA). Canarias. España
  • Secretaria Regional de Agricultura e Pescas (SRAP). Madeira. Portugal
  • Universidade dos Açores (UAC). Azores. Portugal
  • Entidade Reguladora Independente da Saúde (ERIS). Cabo Verde
  • Instituto Nacional de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Agrário (INIDA). Cabo Verde
  • Direção Geral de Agricultura, Silvicultura e Pecuária (DGASP). Cabo Verde
  • Instituto Nacional de Saúde Pública (INSP). Cabo Verde

Budget:   505.249,88 €    

INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 Finance Program, European Regional Development Funds ERDF (85%):   429.462,40 €

November 2016 – December 2020

Main objective:

Foster food safety and a more responsible agriculture in Macaronesia to ensure the health and safety of agricultures and consumers while minimising environmental contamination risk.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop a monitorization programme of pesticide waste, micro-toxins and heavy metals in fruit and vegetables, cereals and wine.
  • Experience, knowledge and awareness transfer in the use of phytosanitary products to Macaronesian technicians and farmers.
  • Survey of food habits, risk assessment due to ingestion and fostering a healthy diet.