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Lista de artículos en la categoría Publicaciones
Artículo 'Analysis and feasibility of chemical products reduction in the clean in place of ultrafiltration as a pre-treatment technology for reverse osmosis desalination'
Artículo 'An international intercomparison exercise on passive samplers (DGT) for monitoring metals in marine waters under a regulatory context'
Artículo 'Hacia la integración de la adaptación al cambio climático en el ciclo industrial del agua' (Revista RETEMA)
Artículo 'Metals concentrations in transitional and coastal waters by ICPMS and voltammetry analysis of spot samples and passive samplers (DGT)'
Artículo 'Assessment of Processes to Increase the Useful Life and the Reuse of Reverse Osmosis Elements in Cape Verde and Macaronesia'
Artículo 'Assessing the use of photovoltaic energy at a seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant: a case study of Porto Santo Desalination Plant (Madeira – Portugal)'
Artículo 'One piece of the puzzle towards 100 Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) across Europe by 2025: An open-source approach to unveil favourable locations of PV-based PEDs from a techno-economic perspective'
Artículo 'Assessment of processes to increase the lifetime and potential reuse and recycling of reverse osmosis membranes towards a circular economy. Case of study of Cape Verde and Macaronesia area'
Artículo 'Comparative study of organic contaminants in agricultural soils at the archipelagos of the Macaronesia' (Revista Environmental Pollution)
Artículo '3D printing in Bone Surgery Chapter 6: Custom Reconstruction around the knee Chapter 9: 3D vertebral prosthesis' (Springer)