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Given the great potential of renewable energies, they are designed to play an essential role in future European energy. Their use has great strategic value for Europe, which is making a big effort in its attempt to achieve clean, efficient safe energy system while guaranteeing the EU industrial leadership in low carbon emission energy technologies.

The Macaronesia archipelagos have common energy problems whose solutions might be exportable to West Africa to contribute to sustainable energy development in these regions with expanding economies, maximising implementation of RES use. The Canaries and Madeira energy systems are characterised by high dependence on outsourced energy. These territories lack conventional energy resources; nevertheless, RES abound, particularly solar and wind energy. This problem is replicated in any weak grid such as those of Cape Verde and Mauritania.

The ENERMAC project (Renewable Energies & Energy Efficiency for the Sustainable Development of the Macaronesia Islands & West Africa) seeks to find solutions enabling existing barriers to RES technology incorporation to be overcome and develop strategies designed to maximise use of renewables in the energy mix of the Macaronesian archipelagos and West African emerging countries.  To this effect, it seeks to maximise penetration of the RES in weak grids, promoting the large lines they are going to act on at energy level: Energy Planning, Rational Use of Energy; and Analysis of Grids & Micro-grids.

With this, it is essential to create a network of excellence in the RES and energy efficiency field, where knowledge generated is shared among the participating bodies, fostering training and personal researcher exchange, all with a view to the necessary co-operation of the different competent bodies in the regions to apply know-how acquired collaboratively to resolve the energy problems of the regions involved.  

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias, S.A. (ITC). Canarias. España 
  • Agencia Regional da energía e ambiente da Regiao Autónoma da Madeira (AREAM). Madeira. Portugal 
  • Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Canarias. España
  • Universidad de La Laguna (ULL). Canarias. España
  • Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute-Associação (MITI). Madeira. Portugal
  • Federación Canaria de Municipios (FECAM). Canarias. España
  • Cabildo Insular de El Hierro. Canarias. España
  • Cabildo Insular de Lanzarote. Canarias. España
  • Universidade de Cabo Verde (UNICV). Cabo Verde
  • Université des Sciences, de Technologie et de Médecine (USTM). Mauritania
  • Direção Geral da Energia (DGECV). Cabo Verde
  • Aguas e Energia da Boa Vista, S.A. (AEB). Cabo Verde

Budget:   2.792.463,22 €    

INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 Finance Program, European Regional Development Funds ERDF (85%):  2.373.593,74 €

January 2017 – June 2021

Main objective:

The General ENERMAC project goal is undertake actions contributing to maximise use of RES and endogenous sources to contribute to energy dependence reduction and foster sustainable development of the Macaronesian Islands and West Africa.

Specific objectives:

  • Prepare an energy plan through the study of implementation strategies of sea and land wind infrastructures, low carbon mobility studies, likewise mathematical modelization to plan the energy systems.
  • Promote the rational use of energy, using the integration of solar heat in industrial processes, use of low enthalpy geothermal energy, energy assessment of available waste and fostering energy efficiency in construction.
  • Analyse electric grids to reinforce them thereby increasing the penetration percentage of RES and micro-grids in isolated areas.