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DEMOLA is an open innovation platform enabling companies to pose Challenges (problems) to a multidisciplinary group of university students developing a co-creation project to provide creative original solutions to the challenges posed.

ACIISI Funds: 452.702,07 €


Main objective:

Foster collaborative innovation via the university connection with the world of employment to successfully undertake challenges.  

Specific objectives:

  • Facilitate access to a network of the best talents, i.e. the most powerful asset for a company, could be outside its own organisation; this is why DEMOLA provides companies (small or large) access to a network replete with talent, enthusiasm and new ideas which might solve your problems.
  • Pay only for results: There is no economic risk involved in taking part in DEMOLA. On the co-creation project completion, the team of young talents will present the results. Should the company find the results useful and valuable, it has the option to license or acquires the team’s rights.
  • Value the process not because of what it does but how it does it: Although talented students are the nucleus of DEMOLA, our proven and tested work method is what makes us different. DEMOLA is a Finnish methodology where all the procedures, process, functions and goals are clearly defined and closely monitored by our experienced facilitators.