The ‘BIOSOST – BLUE BIOTECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL-TECHNOLOGICAL DEVEOPMENT AREA WITHIN A SUSTAINABILITY AND CIRCULAR ECONOMY FRAMEWORK’ Projects is part of the BIOASIS Platform common strategy, whose specific purpose is to create a hub which boosts and facilitates development of the Blue Biotechnology sector in the Canaries.

This project covers mulitple aspects aimed at identifying and driving excellence projects and offering different technological services covering the needs of emerging companies and/or those wishing to diversity and develop new research lines.

The activity performed by the chosen operation is explicitly planned in the Canaries 2014-2020 Intelligent Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) under priority 3 (Socio-economic assessment of R+D, specialisation and strengthening in astrophysics and space, marine-maritime sciences, biotechnology and biomedicine associated with biodiversity and tropical diseases), since it fits in with Canaries as an international reference in the marine area of science and technology and biodiversity; and under priority 5 (Green growth and sustainability: a. Low carbon economy, industrial development and energy efficiency; b. Eco-innovation, agriculture, fishing and environment protection; c. Bioeconomy based on Canary biodiversity; and d- Canaries the natural laboratory), the operation fits as the Canaries is a reference in sustainable development and starting to stand out in circular economy (particularly linked to low carbon economy, eco-innovation and Bioeconomy associated with biodiversity). Furthermore, as an added value BIOSOST will enable immediate implantation of companies (regional, national and international), resulting in the generation of investment and skilled employment.

  • Plataforma BIOASIS

Budget: 1.759.612,25 €

INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 Finance Program, European Regional Development Funds (85%), from ACIISI: 1.495.670,41 €

January 2018 – December 2019

Main objective:

Create a hub which boosts and facilitates development of the Blue Biotechnology sector in the Canaries.

Specific objectives:

  • Start-up of service lines for companies integrating: Blue Biotechnology and aquaculture biological, engineering, economic and commercial aspects.
  • Development of R+D+i activities of different animal and vegetable crop types (micro- and macroalgae) susceptible to industrial production and/or technology transfer to companies wishing to exploit them.
  • Incubation, scientific and technical support; and logistics for business initiatives susceptible to implantation in the Gran Canaria Blue Biotechnology Industrial-Technological Development Area.
  • Acquisition, adaptation and fine-tuning of infrastructures, installations and basic equipment to:
    • Enable and make the Area economically, scientifically and technically feasible to have optimum conditions to make the destination attractive for companies.
    • Correctly render the R+D+I services which ITC may offer the companies located in the Blue Biotechnology Area or not.
    • For experimental development and applied research in public-private co-operation related to this topic.
  • Have an innovative energy generation system to supply the Hub needs using 100% renewable sources.
  • Have a highly efficient innovative hydraulic system.
  • Maintain under the Bioasis Platform: co-ordination, convergence and complementarity with the activity undertaken by the different R+D groups with greater consolidation and experience in this area on the island.