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Web project

It establishes a series of co-ordinated actions directed in particular to water resources agents and users to endow Madeira, Canaries and Cape Verde with the tools necessary to ensure resilience and prevent situations of natural risk associated with droughts.

The actions defined aim to be synergic between them and are based on ambitious actions of awareness, information and qualification towards the population with emphasis on certain collectives, such as education and agriculture, to achieve their active participation in crisis situations. Furthermore, they undertake technological actions in treatment systems, study, network monitorisation and experimentation on plots showing their adaptation capacity to climate change via reuse, efficient irrigation, contamination prevention and reduction, overcoming: regulatory, social, economic and technological barriers.  

All the actions of the objectives are inter-related and executed co-operatively comprising the different stages. During the first development stage they will be organised and the different tools to be used designed:

  • ­contents of awareness and training material;
  • specification of App information systems for farmers;
  • design of actions in systems associated with resilient Eco-zones;
  • online deployment of monitorisation network on grids;
  • design of follow-up plans and desin of demonstrative irrigation plots and study plans.

Stage two will be execution of the design establishing synergies among the actions; and in stage three carry out experimentation, technical follow-up and obtaining results. These will be assessed jointly to ensure their feasibility beyond the project with instruments to foster resilience and manage water demand during droughts.

  • Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias, S.A. (ITC). Canarias  
  • Consejo Insular de Aguas de Gran Canaria (CIAGC). Canarias   
  • Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC). Canarias   
  • Mancomunidad Intermunicipal del Sureste de Gran Canaria  (MANSURESTE). Canarias   
  • Radio ECCA, Fundación Canaria. Canarias   
  • Consejo Insular de Aguas de Fuerteventura (CIAFT). Canarias   
  • Agencia Regional  da energía e ambiente da Regiao Autónoma da Madeira (AREAM). Madeira   
  • Águas e Resíduos da Madeira, S.A. (Arm). Madeira   
  • Agência Nacional de Água e Saneamento (ANAS). Cabo Verde
  • Águas de Santiago, S.A. (AdS). Cabo Verde   
  • Instituto Nacional de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Agrário (Inida). Cabo Verde   
  • Direcção Geral da Agricultura, Silvicultura e Pecuária (DGASP-MAAP). Cabo Verde
  • Universidade de Cabo Verde (UNICV). Cabo Verde   
  • Direcção Nacional do Ambiente (DNA). Cabo Verde  
  • Águas de Ponta Preta (APP). Cabo Verde

Budget: 1.959.083,93 €    

INTERREG MAC 2014-2020 Funding Programme, European Regional Development Funds ERDF (85%): 1.665.221,35 €

January 2017- May 2021

Main objective: 

Foster adaptation to climate change, prevention and resilience guarantee in the face of specific risks like drought through correct fostering of efficient water use and reuse in Macaronesia

Specific objectives: 

  • Awareness, information and qualification for the active participation of Society in the promotion of efficient use and reuse of regenerated waters as adaptable strategies to climate change and situations of water shortage. 
  • Application and assessment of treatment technologies and control systems to ensure efficient water use and production of regenerated waters of sufficient quality to foster resilient communities during water shortages due to climate change. 
  • Demonstration, optimisation and assessment of regenerated waters likewise fostering good irrigation practices adapted to climate change and risk situations associated with water shortage.
  • Reusage production applications