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The Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias S.A. (ITC) is a publicly-owned company, created by the Canary Islands Government by means of Decree 139/1992 of 30th July and attached to the Regional Ministry of Employment, Industry and Commerce. The activities it carries out fall within the fields of Research, Development and Innovation, in the service of Canarian businesses.

The central aim of this support institution for technological innovation in Canarian businesses and society is to correct certain deficiencies in the Islands, such as the imbalance of the productive structure, the absence of raw materials and the excess costs arising from the distance from our markets and it is felt to be highly useful to have a body that is capable of channelling the capacities of research and technological development that there are in the Canaries, orienting them towards the development of small and medium-sized companies, so as to foment activities of collaboration and to increase the effectiveness and coherence of existing policies.

El ITC - Funciones

The duties of the Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias (ITC) can be summarised as:


  • Those activities which imply a technological advance through processes of research and development and the encouragement and coordination of applied research in the Canaries.
  • The promotion of the development of the productive system in our Region; the encouragement of the level of business training in our Region; Promoting and facilitating the creation, development and assimilation of technology by Canarian companies so as to improve productivity; Support for those activities of technological and business development of most strategic importance in the development of the productive system in our Region; The application of this technology to the economic model, generating greater growth and social welfare.
  • The provision of all kinds of services of technological assistance to the business fabric in the Region as well as the marketing of the products which come out of the research and development projects dealt with or generated within the Institute.
  • Taking stockholdings in other companies with analogous objectives for the development of this company, the purchase and/or renting of buildings, land and sites for commercial and industrial use, equipment and facilities and making contracts for work, supplies and external services necessary for the development of the social objectives of the Company.
  • The encouragement of programmes of cooperation with institutions of a national or supra-national nature in research and development and their application in the ambit of Canarian companies. The creation and participation in specific Technological Institutes which concentrate on priority areas for the Region.
  • Acting as the local resource and technical service of the Public Administration of the Canarian Region and of the organisations which are linked to or dependent on it, in accordance with the provisions of Article 24.6 of ACT 30/2007, of 30th October, on Public Sector Contracts, for the management of requirements for the conduct of works, supplies and provision of services. The Company may not take part in public tenders, called by the Canary Islands Government, without prejudice to the possibility of it being made responsible for the execution of the service which is the object thereof if no bids are received.

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