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CIDE - Centres of Innovation and Business Development

A network made up of twenty-three centres specialising in encouraging innovation, in which a team of technical staff guide and advise, at no cost, Canarian companies who decide to push for innovation.

Status: En ejecucion

Start date:11/01/2007

End date:31/05/2013

Budget900.000 €

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The Network of Innovation and Business Development Centres (CIDE Network) is made up of a set of bodies which work in a coordinated fashion for the encouragement of innovation and business development in Canarian companies.

The CIDE Network advises, at no charge, the companies of the Archipelago which wish to push for innovation and thus become modern, flexible companies which are competitive in the marketplace. The objective is none other than to serve as a support for companies which would on their own have difficulty in carrying out activities of R+D+i. For this purpose, we make known the tools and capacities in existence in the Canary Islands to increase competitiveness through innovation and the rational use of new technologies.

In each body, a member of the technical staff is located who is responsible for providing the services of the Network to the companies around him. For this purpose, he will have the collaboration of the rest of CIDE and, especially, of three expert bodies – the ITC, Las Palmas University Foundation and Business Foundation University of La Laguna– which are responsible for providing value-added services and advising on the totality of the services which are provided.

The CIDE Network is, furthermore, the entry point so that companies can have access to the offer of the Canarian R+D+i agents (University Research Groups, OPIs, bodies dedicated to R+D, etc.). This will serve as a link between the two sectors (the productive sector and the technological sector) encouraging cooperation between them, detecting business demand and attempting to achieve the adaptation of the technological offer to the needs of Canarian companies.

General purpose

The objective of the CIDE NETWORK is to favour the improvement of the Canarian SMEs through the increase in their activities of R+D+i and, mainly, by means of the use of the knowledge and technology which is developed in the region.

By means of the CIDE Network, it is intended that the generators of the options should have more knowledge of the demands of companies, with their developments oriented towards the real needs of companies and of society in general.

Specific purposes

  • To strengthen innovation in companies based in the Canary Islands Region, for the purpose of improving the activities they carry out, increasing their competitiveness and generating employment.
  • Encouraging research, technological development and innovation in the Canarian region, for the benefit of society in general.
  • Stimulating cooperation in the matter of research, technological development and innovation between the companies, universities, public research organisations, technological centres and the Administrations, preferably located in the Canary Islands Region.
  • Introduction of the culture of innovation in the productive sectors and Canarian society in general.


Over 4,000 companies attended to, over 1,000 projects presented for public competitions and over 500 approved (an amount of more than 13M€), more than 100 projects with the participation of companies and research groups and over 300 companies participating in instruments of the Canarian System of Innovation.

Geographical scope

Canary Islands


  • Agencia Canaria de Investigación, Innovación y Sociedad de Información (ACIISI)
  • Fondos FEDER 85%

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