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Start up your business

Creating a company means turning into a decided businessperson, with an idea to believe and to put into practice. The key to competing is summed up in business information and insight. The key to competing is summed up in business information and insight. Create your business by following these steps:

What is the business idea?
The business idea must be based on an opportunity in a market, feasible both technically and economically.

Am I an entrepreneur?
Obviously not everyone is able to carry out a business project; therefore it is necessary to analyze our possibilities.

Develop my business plan
When starting a business is not enough having a clear idea of what is our goal, it is also necessary to analyze issues such as market, competitors, products, etc.

I need funding
There are different funding lines that will help us to start up the company. These incentives and grants or subsidies will fund a part of the business.

What legal form should I choose?
The choice of legal form is undoubtedly one of the first steps in the process of starting a business.

Dealing with the company creation
The creation of a business means a series of proceedings with various government agencies, Inland Revenue, Social Security, City Council, etc.

Business location
The location of a company in a region, island or municipality and the selection of the premises is a strategic decision and will affect the viability of it.

My Legal Obligations
Once created the company we are bound to a series of fiscal and labor proceedings monthly, quarterly and yearly, depending on the type of society.

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