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Memoria de Gestión 2009


ITC Annual Report 2009
Annual report on actions of the Institute corresponding to the year 2009 in which the activities and projects carried out by the ITC in this financial year are collected.

Biblioteca de documentos de Gestión Sostenible del Agua


Library of documents related with sustainable management of water
A list of documents which go more deeply into the knowledge of water resources, the peculiar details of European Macaronesia and the definition of methods for the fulfilment of the European Water Directive.

Guía de ahorro y eficiencia energética


Guide to saving and energy efficiency
Information on the energy situation of the Canary Islands and advice to improve it. Share it with your family and friends and contribute to putting a brake on the effects of climate change.

Guía de Creación de Empresas Innovadoras


Guide to the Creation of Innovative Companies
Basic information for orientation of entrepreneurs of intensive activities regarding knowledge and the relevant technological factor so that they have sufficient reference elements and information available to give certainty to their idea of the company.

Guía de Eficiencia Energética en Establecimientos Hoteleros


Guide to Energy Efficiency for Hotel Facilities
Use of systems to make use of renewable energies and the introduction of technologies for energy saving and efficiency.

Guía de Transferencia de Tecnologías de Centros Públicos


Guide to Technology Transfer from Public Centres
Setting out the general lines of the regulatory framework which affects the process of generation and transfer of technology from public research centres with special reference to the Canarian region.

Guía sobre Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales


Guide to Treatment of Sewage
General review of the characteristics of urban waste waters and the basic terminology of use, independently of the size of the nucleus of population.

Sistemas de Depuración de Aguas Residuales


Systems of Natural Purification of Waste Waters
A report for heads of drainage and water purification on experience and results of the application of Natural Purification Systems of waste water in the Canaries.

Sostenibilidad Energética de la Edificación en Canarias


Energy Sustainability of Building in the Canaries.Mabican
The objective of this manual is to get engineers, architects, builders, landowners involved in the design and construction of energetically-sustainable buildings but also to make possible the rehabilitation of existing buildings with the criteria set out.

Arribazones de Algas y Plantas Marinas


Abundance of Algae and Marine Plants
The aim of this monographic book is to set out the results, conclusions and recommendations from the technical work carried out by the Department of Biotechnology of the ITC in the framework of the CosCo project.

Canarias 2020


Canaries 2020
Orientation regarding the technological sectors and trends of the future.
Planta Piloto de Cultivo de Microalgas
Desarrollo potencial de nuevas actividades económicas asociadas a la biotecnología en Canarias.

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